trivial shennanigans

A popping farewell to summer

In a farewell to a fairly decent summer we gathered around the fire pit. It was actually the first of the year. For most of 2022 the heatwave and drought made garden fires irresponsible. But whereas the drought is still a worry, the recent rain means it’s at least safe and we had not used our popcorn popper gift at all this year.


Changing Fuel filters on perkins 4.270d

IMG 2230

I changed the fuel filters on Nora. The port engine is a 4.270d as opposed to the starboard one is just a 4.270. Apparently both are marinesed combine harvester engines. 1960 and 1961.

The manual pump is different on this side. It’s a plastic cylinder than unscrews then acts as a piston. It took 170 pumps to bleed both filters from empty.

IMG 2231

The filters even have little handles to pull out.

IMG 2229

It took 10 minutes in total to change both filters, Bleed them and start the engine.

I did not replace the o rings.

trivial shennanigans

My roses are suffering…..!

The plant that recovered:

IMG 1790

The plant that was not affected:

IMG 1791

The plant that is still afflicted.

IMG 1792

Zoomed into the afflicted plant

IMG 1793

IMG 1794

trivial shennanigans


It was one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve seen for a while last night.

IMG 0783

IMG 0784

IMG 0786

IMG 0787

trivial shennanigans

sneaking off work to the beach

I had to go pick up some furniture that I’d bought online yesterday morning. It was so nice I ended up talking the dog for a walk along Aldeburgh beach.

The sculpture on the beach is pretty cool.

IMG 0167

IMG 0169

IMG 0168

IMG 0171

IMG 0173

trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • roofing #
  • I feel like I have spent the weekend painting doors. #
  • Sunrise #
  • Well Osborne's had me convinced. I've been wrong these years and the Tories are really for us all. They are on my side. He just told me so. #
  • Got a Brother MFC-7820n that misfeeds. Cannot fix it. Any #cambridge printer repair shops? #
trivial shennanigans

This blog is seriously lacking in owner attention….

I do neglect this blog badly. Still blogging about our latest building project though.

trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • How times change. I have DVI and HDMI cables coming out my ears but can I find a VGA cable? #
  • Anyplace I can get brewer's yeast (for cider) in #Cambridge or should I just use baker's yeast (hey it's all S.cerevisiae right!)? #
  • need to rescan my Mythtv freesat box soon. #
  • Looking for an access point to add to a Draytek2820n. Only need roaming. No WDS. Cat6 backhaul. Any suggestions? #
  • emailed a company's technical support only to be told blatant bollocks. What happened to good technical support? #
  • finished The Atrocity Archives (The Laundry Files) by Charles Stross #Kindle #
  • There's a Mountain Lion and Lion supplemental update this morning. That sneaked under the rader. Must be urgent. #
  • No builders on site today. It feels weirdly quiet. #
  • Voyager has left the building. We are now a interstellar travelling race, almost. #
trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • .. and so the rain really starts #
  • Builders started early. I was out walking dog so did not hear the grinder start. Apologies to neighbours #
  • Anybody around #horningsea keep pigs? Will have a lot of apple pulp (after juicing) on Saturday. #
  • So the two tubs of ice cream are actually frozen stew. #
  • Finally. iOS6 syncs draft email. #
  • It's the #Horningsea Apple Day this Saturday #
  • The Prisoner's Dilemma and climate change #
  • I see an update to #skitch feeling hopeful. #
  • Ready to press some apples? #horningsea Apple Pressing Day is today #
trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • As a shedworker when winter comes it get's me down! Surely we can have a few more days of sunshine, pretty please! #
  • Why do I have to use "Messages", "Adium", IM+Pro" and "iOS Messages"? Apple should "buy" Adium. I would love that. #
  • Enjoyed Judge Dredd the movie. No Sly though the Chopper graffiti made up for that. #
  • iOS6 is downloading……! #
  • New versions of Skitch, iOS, OSX ML update AND SuperDuper. With these Fererro Rocher you are spoliing us etc… #
  • So cannot flag Gmail emails and I seem to have lost multiple Twitter accounts. Is iOS6 an upgrade? #
  • .@Skitch get it together. Two crashes after three screenshots. Why are you in the dock and not in the titlebar. #
  • Every single comment on the Skitch 2.0 blog is negative. I'm not enjoying this new version. Plus it crashes a lot! #
  • .@skitch how do I change the pen size for annotations? #
  • The oak frame has been sandblasted today. #
  • A true mobile office Not sure I could do this. But I'd like to try. #
  • BBC NEWs just describe Nigel Farage as "charismatic". Do they know what the word means? #