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easy peasy DVD copying

Easy peasy way to copy a DVD, not bothering about whether menus will copy and whether you need to worry about libdvdcss etc… Simply use dd and growisofs dd if=/dev/dvd of=DVD.iso growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=./foo.img simple

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Mouse matless + optical = Doh!

mouse mats……. They’ve always got me a little annoyed. They always seem to be in the same place, which is not where my mouse wants to be. So I rarely use one. However, over the last few months I’ve been … Continue reading

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M-Audio 1010lt

Well I finally went for the 1010lt. It looks a funky looking card. With tons of spaghetti coming out the back! I plugged it in, compiled some new modules (ice1712), and ran alsaconf. Worked first time and I got Rythmnbox … Continue reading

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Being a PC audiophile

I’m looking for a decent sound card. I’ve got an Audigy 1. This is OK, and works fine for MP3, and DVD viewing. However, I;’ve been recently playing with Mixx and other DJ mixing software (all on Linux of course). … Continue reading

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GNOME Firefox themes

GNOME-Fx: “A Firefox Theme for GNOME” I really like Gnome, and I really like Firefox. So here’s a cool set of Firefox themes to use with Gnome!! Gnometastic!

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Geek political graffitti

from a wall in Tarifa, Spain, Sorry for the poor photo, but there was many cars close to the wall. It says: #apt-get remove fronteras made me laugh.

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