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Restless Natives

Well I got a copy of Restless Natives on DVD. It’s still good. When looking at films that you have last saw quite a few yrs ago (in this case 20), it’s generally dissapointing. However, this was excellent. It’s obviousyl … Continue reading

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Stuart Adamson: RIP (4yrs ago!)

BBC News | MUSIC | Your tributes: Stuart Adamson Bizarre, through a convulted series of things which started with watching Doctor Who, finding out that Restless Natives(top film!) has been released on DVD (mustbuy), and then finding out that Stuart … Continue reading

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Lian-Li mouse pad

Aus PC-Market Online eStore Well I finalylgot myself a mouse mat. A bit flash, anodized aluminium. Looks and feels the biz. However, it does not work with the shite mouse Ihave. Damm. I had to stick a piece of paper … Continue reading

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The really bad thing about being off work sick, is the fact that you do not have to work, yet you are really too ill to take advantage of it. This is just not fair! I’ve had an appalling nights … Continue reading

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