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Depeche Mode in London – O2 Wireless concert

Here’s Dave Gahan singing his heart out.  Not that you can tell with the picture from my really crappy picture phone. [photopress:65OJ0004.jpg,thumb,pp_image] What an awesome concert though!!!

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Bastard Parking Ticket

Parkign in Cambridge yesterday, I paid 1.50 to park for 45 mins.  Upon returning 10 mins late, i found a ticket on my windscreen.  The ticket said the warden had visitied the car at 1:11, and then returned at 1:21 … Continue reading

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MightyPhone Untroubles

I guess I should update you all about my phone!!! Well I contacted MightyPhone support (Support are always Gods, unless it is NTL). After a few exchanges of email, they sent me a new version of the phone software. After … Continue reading

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mdadm: what a cool utility.

mdadm is really a cool utility. I decided to move my 6 drive RAID 5 array from my normal workstation to a fileserver stuck somewhere in the attic. prompted in no small part by excess heat and noise in my … Continue reading

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MightyPhone troubles.,….

Well I recently bit the bullet and reformatted the memory on my phone due to various problems it had given me. A good test then for the MightyPhone sync service to save all my contacts and diary. Well it failed. … Continue reading

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Bad Behavior kills spam!

Bad Behavior / Bad Behaviour – Homeland Stupidity Well It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve been using BadBehaviour to block spam. and I’ve not had a single piece of spam. Muchos Kudos to the BadBehaviour guy. Michael Hampton. You … Continue reading

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