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Debrand your M600i!

KulanKendi debranding on the M600i : Symbian phones : Sony Ericsson @ Esato

If you’re not too happy with the crappy branded firmware of your phone, then use this service to flash it with a generic firmware. Well rather to change the ID (CDA) of the phone to a generic pne, rather than a phone company provided one. Then to use the Sony Erriccson online service to update the firmware to a more recent and unbranded one.

Works fine!

trivial shennanigans

Guinness-flavored Marmite for St Paddy’s

Guinness Flavoured Marmite

Boing Boing: Guinness-flavored Marmite for St Paddy’s

I very rarely post stuff I find on other blogs, especially ones as well read as Boing Boing , But considering I love Marmite and Guinness this is just so cool.

Guinness flavoured Marmite. Wahey!!! I wonder how I can get hold of a pot!!!

trivial shennanigans

Cameron drug stance

BBC NEWS | Politics | Allies back Cameron drug stance
Good on Cameron for not being a complete hipocrite and denying the claims that he spent his school days eating M&Ms and watching Kung Fu movies all night long……! Mind you, I’m still as likely to vote Tory as I’ll be inviting Jade Goody to my “trendy at the moment” 80’s nostalgia themed “Free Nelson Mandela” party.

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Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning

APOD: 2007 February 5 – Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning

Comet and fireworks on the beach

Ok it doesn’t fit correctly, but what a nice picture.

Thanks to the cool WAN -Cambridge forums for the clue

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Snowballs – and an £80 fine

CEN News : Features : Snowballs – and an £80 fine

Words do fail me at this point, to understand why this student was not instead given £80 in appreciation of making people laugh!

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Who’s walking up my garden path?

Ok it’s official I am a saddo!!

Earlier this week because of the all too rare snow downfall in Cambridge, I put a webcam on my window to the front garden. Using a combination of Ncftpput and Mplayer I took a frame every 10 mins and uploaded to here:

However, this was not that cool! I’ve now used a cool app called Motion . This monitors a webcam (V4L device /dev/video0) and on changes to the image will take a screenshot and or mpeg stream, and also allows you to trigger events. So linked to a ncftpput based script, this takes the image and uploads it to my website.

Now all i need is somebody to visit me!!


Nice SSH intro writeup

Getting started with SSH – Kimmo Suominen

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BEWARE: Answering machine message from MCS

I’ve just had a phone call on my work line saying there was a message waiting my collection on 0871 XXXXXX.

Sounded pretty dodgy.  A Google brought up the following.

I have an answering machine message from “MCS”. Is it a scam? – Forums

So ring this number at your peril (or massive phone bill!!).


Macbook Pro docking station

Insight – Photo Control BookEndz Docking Station for 15″ M…

One of the things that really annoys me about the MacBook Pro (well actually one of the ONLY things!!), is its lack of docking station. 60% of the time I’m using this as a desktop, attached to a USB switch (for mouse and keyboard) and a Dell 2405fpw screen. Having to disconnect these (by putting the macbook to sleep, disconnecting then awaking it) is quite annoying.

This looks to be a solution, although it’s a half arsed hack really. But 230 quid for this?

Apple should have added a replication port.

Oh well.  It’s still a right cracking machine.

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Xiph.Org: Ogg on iTunes

Something that has annoyed me for quite a while is iTunes lack of support of Ogg Vorbis. I mean it’s truly free, smaller files, and higher bitrates to suit!

Well waddayaknow, i should have looked harder.  These Quicktime plugins allow Quicktime to play Ogg, and since iTunes uses Quicktime to play audio….!

Xiph.Org: QuickTime Components