trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • My MBP battery is crazy. 1 min it says Service Battery. The next I have 1 hr and 50% charge, WTF #
  • My MBP has a new replacement battery (4th). Thanks Applecare at Apple Store! #cambridge #
  • I have just cast vote number 88 for Waterbeach on The Race to Infinity website #
  • Super awesomeness – Instapaper + NetNewsWire + Kindle #
  • Still fairly impressed by Instapaper and my Kindle. In fact so impressed I subscribed to Instapaper and paid for NetNewsWire. #
  • 20 mins on hold with 3. Customer service, my arse. #
  • Hey 3 mobile do you purposely keep people hanging on if they want to cancel, or is your service just shite. #fail #
  • Racist thickos with a printer in Huntingdon #
  • Nice lunch with decent beer at Plough and Fleece, #horningsea May need extensive espresso now to avoid slumping over the keyboard. #
  • a day spent moving furniture, building a bonfire and painting. Knackered! #