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Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Hmmm. The sofa is fairly comfortable this evening. #
  • Anybody got a link to download the Dell 1320Cn OS X drivers? Can't find it anywhere. #
  • Ken Russell is dead! 🙁 #
  • Took Zorro for his 2nd vaccination. 10 days until he wreaks havoc amongst the village. #
  • How to auto reconnect with Adium (well almost) #
  • This weather makes me feel tired and cold. I like winter, but it's too warm in the office to close the window which makes my feet cold. #
  • Today I will mostly be verifying bug fixes. Always beats opening them. #
  • RT @newsthump: NEWS! Daily Mail berates female tram racist for spouting Daily Mail’s opinions #
  • Just updated to @alfredapp version 1.0. Awesome app. #
  • Search @Evernote from @alfredapp w00t! #
  • I've been busy and could not watch McMullan. I missed a blinder apparently. Dredged the bottom and then some. #
  • As if @evernote integration was not awesome enough just found that @rtm works with @alfredapp #
  • American Airlines has just filed for chapter 11 #
  • What's that idiot Farage doing on TV? #
  • I've got a poor pension, but I still absolutely support anybody's right to fight for their's. I know that I would if mine was threatened. #
  • Gorgeous blue sky today. Beats the grey of yesterday. #
  • Need new shed (another?). 6"x3" pent with door on left short side. No windows & prefer shiplap or better, pressure treated. #cambridge #
  • Just picked some raspberries from the canes outside my office. December, yeah right. I got sold a duff calender. #
  • Just ignore Clarkson. Starve him of the oxygen of publicity. The twat. #
  • Opening a Text file with TextEdit in Lion is like opening a large Photoshop file on a ZX81. #
  • Me neither RT @z_rose: I Do Not Like the new version of google analytics. Incomprehensible. #