trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Dammed power cut in #horningsea #
  • Listening to Orbital Live at Glasto. Alternative was last night's Newsnight. The troubles of getting older. #
  • Completely forgotten that I sent my 1st Gen iPod Nano in for the replacement program a few weeks back. Not got owt yet. #
  • Turning off icon previews in OS X Finally. Why did I not google this before. #
  • Any recommendations for a SIP Android client? Tried Csipsimple but quality is very variable #
  • Trying to work, but a fairly mental puppy is trying to bite his tail behind me. #
  • UPS beeping more than is normal (for here) to indicate brownouts. I hope there's not going to be another power cut #horningsea #
  • BBC News is having a soap Christmas special. Is the world perfect at the moment? No real news to report. #
  • Feet are cold. Crocs (and socks) do not a good winter footwear make. #
  • Funky. Got Crashplan running on my Readynas. #
  • I guess only one word will do. Snow! #
  • The Hitch is dead. The world is now poorer by a longshot. Today I will be particularly offensive to anybody who does god. Humanity is great. #
  • How's travel from Heathrow to KGX to Cambridge? GF diverted 'cos of snow. #
  • Tonight I will be watching The Hitch on YouTube and drinking heavily. #
  • "@GeorgeMonbiot: Cameron's #Christianity speech: I must have missed the bit in Bible where Jesus said "Blessed are the bankers"." #
  • So trying to screw wood into a post to keep logs on the right side of the river bank when Zorro chooses to jump on me. I nearly swam. #