trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Off to the beer festival very shortly. Beer at a festival! #
  • If you have not yet registered for "faster broadband" do so. We might get 21st century connectivity #horningsea #
  • After procrastinating for like 20 years I joined CAMRA at the beer festival last night. Bargain as 15 months so two free Beer Festivals. #
  • A new version of coda is out soon. Best HTML "tool" bar none. #
  • Very motivating commencement speech from the best living writer #
  • A spitfire just flew over! That's the second one I've seen in 2 weeks. I drove past Duxford last week and saw one. #
  • Been messing about all morning so far with my net connection only to find a switch with a dodgy psu. Let's start today again! #
  • Ok Ok, I get it's sunny everywhere else. It's not in bloody Cambridge. #
  • So much for sport bringing people together #
  • Phew, What a Scorcher!!! #
  • IMG_20120523_122832.jpg [pic] #
  • If I was 4 years old when the Spaghetti Junction was built that makes me about 25, right? #
  • Coda 2 is out today. No upgrade price but $50 today only from the App Store. #
  • Noooo. CAMRA membership so skipping beerfest queue only to queue for glass #
  • Gutted. Lost my hat at beer festival. #cambeerfest #
  • Zorro swimming lesson #
trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Gutted. Raining again (although have some grass seed down so not too bad) and my Kindle has frozen. #
  • Twitter just sent me a "What's happening on Twitter" email. It's vaguely similar to what Prismatic are doing. Is this a direct response? #
  • trying to scp a 100MB file across my LAN. OSX > Linux. It always stalls after a few MB. No idea where to start figgering this out. #
  • Zorro no longer wants to sleep in my office. Sunshine! #
  • Can you buy a Kindle as a present preregistered to that person's Amazon account? #
  • "I feel love" #
  • Oh you are taking the piss. Not more rain? #
  • Need to legally purchase an key to activate a WinXP VM (given the legally activated copy to somebody). Any online places I can do this? #
  • The ultimate Mythtv frontend? An android USB stick sized unit. Mythfrontend already runs(ish) on Android… #
  • So FAB, asking me to register before showing me your products does not make me curious, it makes me close your website #
  • Chuft, my back finally seems to have decided not to keep on hurting me. Weeding and gardening awaits. #
  • Pissing about with Mythmusic because of its lack of logging. Went back to command line abcde and flac/mp3 ripping at the same time. #
  • I think my phrase of the week is going to be "Stop being a knobber!". So useful and apt in 99% of social interactions. #
trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • finally got around to changing the fontsize on Mythtv recordings. On the way discovered some cool MythUI tricks (scrolling description!) #
  • Will Hollande be voted in before I get Mythtv to show me TV5Monde English subtitles? #
  • Is the Hollande convoy driving all the way to Paris? Gonna be a long night. #
  • Any recomendations for a switch for an 240v amplifier when it detects a signal on audio in? #
  • Don't say canine romance is dead. Zorro has taken his cushion to the rug in front of the wood burning stove before shagging it. #
  • There appears to be Roxette on the TV. My fault for blindly watching live music TV channels. #
  • Very disappointed in North Carolina. #
  • If you want "super fast broadband" register your interest #horningsea #
  • This is gonna be my saying of the year "Jubilee year, double-dip recession, what a start." I would also add the Olympics. #
  • Why is it so easy to accidentally unfollow people on the Twitter website? Or am I just an incompetent clicker? #
  • BBC News – Obama says same-sex couples should be able to marry #
  • Is Lion less annoying with the 10.7.4 update? I see that dammed "open everyfuckingwindow on restart" option is now not always enabled. #
  • Actually the entire OS X 10.7.4 update is worth it for that "open apps on restart" setting change alone. Backing up now #
  • What's that idiot Prince Charles doing on the TV? #
  • Pretty nasty. Badly injured cat dumped in wheely bin in March #
  • When the revolution comes and we put Buck Palace up for sale, Charley is gonna have to look elsewhere than the Met Office or TV for a job. #
  • finished Singularity Sky by Charles Stross. Good read. #Kindle #
  • A nice day to mow the grass but for bad back. Yes that makes me a whingeing git. But am resting for @abovebelowh20 birthday party as excuse #
trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Nice walk on the other side of the Cam to the house. Although got back before the sun came out properly. Still better than the rain! #
  • IMAG1399.jpg [pic] #
  • The Cam is higher than it was yesterday! There's a pretty strong current. I want to get my white water kayak out! #
  • Downside of much less hands on Linux – Bluetooth keyboard stopped working and not much idea where to look. #
  • Fancy a red phone box in your garden? #
  • A few days of heavy rain does not make up for a few years of little rain. Is that not obvious? #
  • Funky. iterm2 for OSX gives you a split pane terminal #
  • Nobody told me about this DEVTMPFS shennanigans with UDEV 1.8.1! No wonder I lost bluetooth keyboard with the TV. No telly watching tonight #
  • My bluetooth keyboard issue was due to a fairly major udev upgrade. Been a while since I messed with Linux in that way #
  • All you wanted to know about converting SeqID (e.g. Genbank accession) between formats. Biostar rocks via #
  • hey @viewranger your shop sends me my username and password in plain text email. Secure? #
  • My back is killing me. So I'm gonna lay on the sofa, watch rubbish TV and aim for inbox zero. #
  • Kids need to learn cooking. Let's replace RE in the curriculum with cooking. Reduce obesity, strengthen the nation's moral framework. Sorted #

Restoring C-A-backspace to Xorg server

Recent versions of Xorg have removed the old stalwart key combination of pressing CTRL-ALT-BKSPACE to kill the X server. I’m not sure why this was removed. I can only guess that such a drastic way of exiting your X session, without of course asking if you need to save any of your documents, was regarded as a non-desktop way of doing things. Although I like this key combo I can see this reasoning only too well.

If, like me, you like this behaviour to be restored then there are a few ways of doing so.

  • If you use .xinitrc or .xsession to manage your X session, then simply run this command from there:

    setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp

    On Gentoo (the distro I use) you’ll need to emerge the following package:

  • If you use HAL to manage input devices, copy the following few lines into the fdi file from /etc/hal/fdi/policy/ which you use to control your keyboard.

    Incidentally HAL was deprecated as of 1.8 in favour of udev. So if your distro uses Xorg.18 or higher you’ll need to find a different way

     <merge key="input.xkb.options" type="string">terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp</merge> 

    (If you do not have any custom keyboard rules, you can copy and adapt rules from /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor/10-x11-input.fdi)

  • Finally you can edit xorg.conf with the following code to your keyboard’s InputDevice section :

     Option "XkbOptions" "terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp".





    manually running mythfilldatabase needs new options for Mythtv 0.25

    I download my French TV listings from a great website called Kazer.

    I download these using wget then insert the listings manually using mythfilldatabase run using cron ever few days.

    With Mythtv 0.25 this has changed and there are new options for Mythfilldatabase:

    $ mythfilldatabase --file --sourceid  --xmlfile belgium.xml

    Previously it was:

    $ mythfilldatabase --file  belgium.xml

    I strongly recommend Kazer if you need French listings. It’s free although every other year I donate 20 Euros or so.