Raid 5 to 6 conversion possible?

A recent post on Raj’s blog made me think about giving RAID6 a play. This then makes me wonder whether a RAID 5 to 6 conversion is possible? I guess this is completely impossible without a complete reformatting. But there again growing a RAID 5 array is also a similar experience, and this is now possible. I would suggest that both require adjustment of stripes. or am I really talking out of my behind?

I recently used mdadm’s new grow function to increase my 3 drive RAID5 array to 4 drives. This worked perfectly. I trust my backups, so am quite happy to risk its integrity to convert to RAID6. Hmmmm!

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2 Responses to Raid 5 to 6 conversion possible?

  1. James says: suggests it’ll be possible in 6 months or so.

  2. Ferg says:


    I ended up converting it to RAID 10 though. Apparently same speed as RAID0. We will see…!

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