Macbook Pro docking station

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One of the things that really annoys me about the MacBook Pro (well actually one of the ONLY things!!), is its lack of docking station. 60% of the time I’m using this as a desktop, attached to a USB switch (for mouse and keyboard) and a Dell 2405fpw screen. Having to disconnect these (by putting the macbook to sleep, disconnecting then awaking it) is quite annoying.

This looks to be a solution, although it’s a half arsed hack really. But 230 quid for this?

Apple should have added a replication port.

Oh well.  It’s still a right cracking machine.

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One Response to Macbook Pro docking station

  1. Raj says:

    Hey Chris,

    This jobby is almost as expensive –

    Some other expresscard goodies

    Maybe get a PCI expander box and add cheap PCI goodness to your MacBook (eg PCI USB expansion, video capture, SCSI RAID etc)

    Don’t know what the Mac compatibility is like though . . .


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