Cameron drug stance

BBC NEWS | Politics | Allies back Cameron drug stance
Good on Cameron for not being a complete hipocrite and denying the claims that he spent his school days eating M&Ms and watching Kung Fu movies all night long……! Mind you, I’m still as likely to vote Tory as I’ll be inviting Jade Goody to my “trendy at the moment” 80’s nostalgia themed “Free Nelson Mandela” party.

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4 Responses to Cameron drug stance

  1. Chris Abbott says:

    You mean you’ll be voting New Labour with their wonderful policy of “let’s give democratic devolution to those in Scotland and Wales and impose health apartheid, the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula on everybody in England”. And you’ll pretend that it’s still the old Labour Party of the 1970s and 1980s, cos it’s easier than having to revise your thinking. Clever old you! Keep up with “Big Brother”. And don’t strain your brain!

  2. Ferg says:

    If you are asking me will I vote Labour, then the answer is no (and always has been). If you’re trying to get me into an argument then show the courtesy of asking me about my politics before insulting me.

  3. Damien Ryan says:

    Looks like a robot, or someone without a life who comments on entries he deems relevant in order to get traffic to his awful page.

    You get them every so often.

  4. Ferg says:

    Yeah, looks like. It is a pretty bad page. English nationalism (bad!) poorly disguised as English patriotism (good!).

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