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Here’s a “local” Cambridge music web shop.  Spotted on WAN.
Rhythm Online >> welcome

Ever since FOPP closed I’ve been really trying to spend my money locally, and avoid using webstores.  In the same way that I always try to use local small shops for veg n meat rather than Asdescobury’s.  After all If you don’t use it, you’re gonna lost it. It would be a tragedy if we cannot buy locally in a few years.  Like the passing of the milkman, local shops are at risk.  However, (rant over) this shop does look pretty good, and I’m gonna give it a go for my next few record purchases.  Good luck to them!

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6 Responses to Rhythm Online

  1. Damien Ryan says:

    You do know that FOPP was about as local as Tesco was?

  2. Ferg says:

    Well not exactly a fair comparison there. It did have more than a Cambridge store. 2 in London, and one in Manchester I think. But it was at least an Independent store.

  3. Damien Ryan says:


    Before it went into receivership and was bought by HMV there were over 100 branches making it the third largest music retailer in the UK.

  4. Ferg says:

    Ok I’ll give you that. I did not know there were that many branches. I still reckon comparing it to Tesco’s is unfair.

    Plus my original premise that more people spending money locally keeps shops open is still valid. You’re not gonna argue with this?

  5. Damien Ryan says:

    It may keep some money local, but there are so few actually local shops that it’s rare.

    Didn’t keep Fopp open, did it? 😉

  6. Ferg says:

    I was talking about Butchers and Veg shops. Most of these shops I use are local. Ypu’ve gotta agree that if everybody buys online, more shops will close. Retailers love people buying online, they don’t have the overhead of jobs and buildings to pay. Of course they are then open to more competition from online stores further afield.

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