Good on ya Dave Davis

I never thought that I’d applaud a Tory, but Dave Davis’s recent resigning speech made me want to stand and applaud.  If I lived in his constituency I’d most definetly vote for him. He appears to be that rare breed of a politician with integrity. Putting his own career on the line for something he believes in!  That’s what this country needs. We need people who will fight for our freedom, and not wishy washy politicians who will sacrifice the freedom of the majority for the actions of a few evil people.

Edit – 13 July 08  with hindsight I still think he’s a Tory

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2 Responses to Good on ya Dave Davis

  1. pandammonium says:

    Haltemprice…wasn’t that Alan B’stard’s consituency? 😉

  2. Ferg says:

    even better!!!!

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