Update for Quicksilver

So after writing about Alfred the other week, there’s an update to Quicksilver!

Download it here

The changelog says increased performance. Nice to see an old dog keep getting updated!

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2 Responses to Update for Quicksilver

  1. Hey Chris,

    Good to see you spotted we’re also from Cambridge in your previous Alfred post.

    I’m curious though, is Albert Alfred’s long lost brother? 😉

    See you at BarCamb, Cambridge Geek Nights or similar local events in the near future?


  2. Ferg says:

    Sorry… My spelling is as piss poor as my all too lazy way of calling things the wrong name! Corrected! BTW Still using Alfred. Works great!

    I have been meaning to pop along to a Camjelly afternoon, which I got from your tweets thanks.

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