Weekly tweets!

  • Sat in cardiff bay drinking beer thanks to @gorbash78 for tourist stuff! in reply to gorbash78 #
  • I missed this. Google adds multi account signin http://bit.ly/ann6Gn USeful #
  • A fairly miserable day. I might have to even close my shed door to keep the heat in 😉 #
  • After using my trackpad with my MBP, using the mouse on my Linux box seems quaint. #
  • I wonder if the Magic Mouse's touch body was Apple preparing us for using the trackpad with a desktop? #
  • Missed picking up some furniture from Habitat. 6:30 what closing time do is that? If you move to a "retail park" at least stay open later ! #
  • Apparently when I've been gardening, muddy fingers do not a good Trackpad digit make #
  • Looking for return ticket to Carlisle <> Cambridge. Always amazd at how bloody expensive the train is in this country #
  • http://bit.ly/GDpm3 Raileasy, you are a seriously wank website! #
  • ..and by "wank" I mean a derogatory term, before you ask….! #
  • Shame Google Wave is dead. Still it's been at least a month since I last fired up the client, and nowt had happened! #
  • A pragmatic approach to cancer. http://bit.ly/aKy0ZC Would you expect different from the Hitch? Perhaps prostating himself in prayer? #
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