Weekly tweets!

  • successful Sunday of building (removable) secondary glazing for upstairs. #
  • If you need to disable Google Backup on your Froyo phone, the setting is in PRIVACY. Not obvious! #
  • Just having some instant noodles, that have FOUR, yes four, extra packet ingredients inside! #
  • Does the fact I went for a run this morning allow me to have rhubarb crumble for lunchtime pudding? #
  • Just started watching "eight Legged Freaks". I turned off after 10 mins. Could a film really be that shit? #
  • MMS advert on a #bleachgate update. Priceless! http://post.ly/sGjV #
  • Once you've started a 3 finger drag with the #trackpad you can continue with a single finger. Great for those 24" widescreens! #
  • what's this rubbish about rain forecast for the weekend? I've greatly prefer sun. #
  • Villainrom villainrom.co.uk seems to be down. #
  • It's looking good! RT @TweetDeck: Android TweetDeck One Week In http://bit.ly/d40QS2 #
  • Using a #trackpad whilst eating pizza results in unintended drag actions. #
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