play the geetar

So I’ve started my first lesson on monday. 8 yrs after I gave up the whole thing as being a waste of my non-ryhmical soul. After trying on and off for 5 yrs to learn……! Whether “learn to play rock guitar by Wolf spandex”, or classical. I tried loads of ways, aprt from the real obvious one of getting a guitar teacher.

Will I persevere? Fingers crossed. Well not crossed, chorded.

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4 Responses to play the geetar

  1. Damien Ryan says:

    Hope you do mate. One step closer to the office band 😉

  2. Administrator says:

    that’s the plan man. That twat from the Darkness just inspired me!!

  3. Administrator says:

    dunno. just feel a need for spandex, and 2 hour long guitar solo’s!

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