Weekly tweets!

  • After holidays this drizzle is bringing me down. #cambridge #
  • Xmarks is closing. Shame I liked that service http://bit.ly/9z6Iqy #
  • My current fave lunch food. Wraps with cheese and rough pate, blasted for 30 secs in the microwave. yum! #
  • With a heavy heart I'm packing the shorts away from holiday. I doubt I'll be wearing them before the goose! #
  • Awake too bloody early #
  • Wonder of Wonders I can see sunshine outside #
  • Appalling. Know where your fish comes from? RT @rowanNS: 'Modern-day slavery' uncovered on trawlers fishing for Europehttp://bit.ly/bRTolv #
  • Sunny garden http://post.ly/10or3 #
  • IMG_20100919_205611 [pic] http://ff.im/-rlPNp #
  • Trying to put up a bloody shelf but feel rubbish. I think I may stop before I put a screw through the power cable 😉 #
  • Interesing that Mad Men is off to Sky after this season (which I've not started). In S01 nobody even knew it existed. Slow burner indeed! #
  • DIY'ing shelves on a Friday night with Love – The Cult. Old fart? Fuck yeah! #
  • A holiday in Italy has inspired me to make some pizza dough. Just the dough mind, no wood fired oven in the garden yet. #
  • Just watched "the Road". Hard film to watch but very, very good! #
  • Looking forward to Mythtv .24 with Bluray disc support! #
  • migrating kernels from 2.6.31 to 2.6.35 on a gentoo HTPC. Lots of new drivers in there. Make oldconfig is proving lengthy. #
  • hitech baking… My pizza dough is rising in my server rack sat on a switch. warmest place in the house. #
  • Just heard "town to town" – microdisney on BBC6. Awesome. Not heard that for ages. http://youtu.be/VFXheatfJ7E #
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