Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-tk5kq #
  • Saw 24hr Party People the other night and coincidentally Tony Wilson's new tombstone a few mins ago: http://bit.ly/bP9u5u Great tombstone! #
  • RT @Stephen_Curry: George Monbiot on utterly astounding govt acquiescence to tax avoidance by big business http://bit.ly/9Vtotm #
  • Juststarted S05 of the wire. No spoliers I promise! #
  • Ooooh. OS X 10.6.5 is out! #
  • Oy @tweetdeck stop losing my accounts on a reboot. #
  • w00t! Mythtv 0.24 is out. Soon I'll have blurays playing…. #
  • Wonders will never cease! iCal in OS X 10.6.5 actually remembers the Google Sync setting. Chuft. #
  • I observed the 2 mins today. Since I work from a shed office I am quiet most of the time so I went and stood in the garden, in the rain. #
  • recommendations for cutting large sheets of perspex please! #
  • #ff @paulwiggins @Christopher_R for giving good advice for solving a real-life problem! #
  • Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You've got a week to get your shit together, otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!! #IAmSpartacus #
  • Cracking pie with quaffable ale for lunch at the Plough and Fleece, #horningsea #
  • Looking forward to relaxing over the weekend! #
  • Just deleted my entire mythtv channel table with wrong mysql. Luckily I had a channel dump from yesterday. Flukey git or what? #
  • Add the Twitter Joke Disclaimer — http://twb.ly/cpom1w — Because you can't be too careful. #twitterjoketrial #
  • Hope no rain today, want to do some woodwork in the garden (no space in the house) #
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