Weekly tweets!

  • That was a nice snow fall. Glad of the 20 second commute to the shed office! #
  • Snowy office looking snug in its log blanket http://post.ly/1GQZc #
  • SKies have gone dark. So perhaps that forecast snow might arrive! #
  • My crocs are not proving to be good shoes for snow. Toes are cold! #
  • Wonder of wonders, I had some rocksalt left over from last year. for the door steps. Worth more than a M&S prawn sandwich sent to Gold4U. #
  • Homeopathically prepared vodka http://youtu.be/gZO9J7dDLU4 #
  • Bloody computers. BIOS settings had been wiped on a headless server, which of course could not boot. #
  • Help keep CHRIS in Christmas. That's me that is! #
  • If you have a Kindle and think Google Reader is as good as it gets for RSS then try this web app. http://bit.ly/eorevX Awesome, really! #
  • Eeek, WAN might be closed down http://bit.ly/eVQgrw A classic long time #cambridge talk shite forums 🙁 #
  • Barclays you truly have the shitest site in the world. Using online banking is so painful, I feel like closing my a/c/ every fucking time! #
  • re last twt, when trying to complain about a website (Barclays online banking) leads you in circles, that's poor design right? #
  • http://bit.ly/frptSb The hard nut Swan, annoyingly called Mr Asbo, has been attacked by some animal (not a human). #
  • Bloody powercut in horningsea #
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