Weekly tweets!

  • Anyboidy know of a prebuilt PPC 0.2.4 Mythtv download? #
  • Either a steam train, or a train on fire, just went past on the line from London > Cambridge! #
  • With the current price of heating oil I'm glad that we fitted a wood stove and heat pump rather than smelly expensive oil (we're off gas). #
  • Anybody used "snowpocolypse" yet? #
  • Just noticed that the office clock is still on BST. So that's why the day is dragging….! #
  • Am enjoying Coda's subversion support. #
  • Can somebody send me some Rennies? Got major indigestion partly caused by last night's beer and some instant noodles just now. #
  • Just finished Child44 http://amzn.to/dNMfjn on me Kindle like n that. Really good read. #
  • Ok #lazyweb how do I list all loaded Apache modules in Linux? #
  • For my earlier #lazyweb about how to list loaded modules in Apache "apache2ctl describe modules" #
  • swapped dish pole for less bendy one. Astoundingly put it back in the correct place! Expected a hour of pratting about with szap and bolts. #
  • Let the wind try bending this pole http://post.ly/1Lzdb #
  • Xmas free map update for copilot http://bit.ly/hdJFHB #
  • Anybody done the latest S685IP firmware upgrade. V02227 Any comments? #
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