Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-vuDu1 #
  • How's newmarket road into town? Need to go do last lot of crimbo shoppiling! #cambridge #
  • A cron run script to download (i.e. backup) ALL your cloud data (IMAP, Flickr, etc.) so you do not worry about doing so would be cool. #
  • Just found VintageTV. What is this channel? Where does it come from and why doesn't it go away? #
  • Apparently VintageTV is aimed at the Over fifties. I'll forgive it then. Better than other dross music channels #
  • Me too! RT @antonvowl: I hereby declare war on Rupert Murdoch. #
  • Temp's above freezing and the office shed is warm enough to have no heating again. Snug! #
  • Goose arrived. Veg bought yesterday and plenty of beer and wine in. So can chuck a log on the fire & lock the door. Snow do your worst! #
  • Not feeling particularly christmassy yet! #
  • did the BBC News24 "pope" presenter really talk about the "sexual misbehaviour" of catholic priests just now? Fucking pathetic. #
  • A large box of real beer just arrived! No name, but I have suspects! Cheers, that's my Chrismassy spirit well and truly kicked off! #
  • I just got annoyed by being woken up by Ratzo, whereas Dawkins knows why he got annoyed http://j.mp/gI5Ny0 Well said! #
  • Awesome, 1st download of 12 days Itunes is Cheryl Cole. Can't wait to download this fine tune.. http://j.mp/7xFxWN #
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