Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-xsqRJ #
  • Having disconnection problems with my Siemens Gigaset Repeater. It loses registration every 24 hrs or so. Any reports out there? #
  • Eating last night's takeaway curry. Yummy. Pipasha is the best curry house in #cambridge #
  • A new release of Marsedit. Cracking! Best blogging software by far! #
  • Depressed. No more sticky buns. RT @ireenaribena: Arrrghh- Fitzbillies has gone bust apparently! #cambridge #
  • What lovely weather. Today IS the day that you need a garden office! #
  • Planted some of the hedge last night. Getting second thoughts now on whether I'm planting the correct side of the fence. #
  • Evernote for Android has just been updated. This latest version is seriously fast! #
  • Middle class rebel. Drinking champagne to wish the Egyptians well #
  • The Orange Weds Android app is actually quite good. Surprised! #
  • Been using Postbox for a few days. I like it but it doesn't grab me. Any other recommendations for a better mail app than mail.app on OS X? #
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