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Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! #
  • Flotilla! [pic] #
  • Flotilla! [pic] #
  • Flotilla! #
  • Running Gingerbread on my DHD Nice. #
  • Any recommendations for one of those opentop bus tours of London? Got a bunch of tourists to show around! #
  • Penmachine is gone #
  • I voted. Have you? Remember you forfeit the right to complain about politicians if you do not vote! #
  • It's gonna be a warm weekend. I need to sort my overheating network cabinet this week for sure! #
  • Interesting article on @lastpass encryption. I'm fairly sure I still trust them. This might do them good for honesty #
  • Recomandations for an Android tablet PDF reader? Got a large document to review and want to go sit in a deckchair with my tablet to do so! #
  • I guess a lot of Single-nucleotide polymorphisms will be happy with today's election results. #
  • Just had my first swim of the year in the Cam, #cambridge Bit cold but nice. #