Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-EZR93 #
  • So this Monday is going slow. Disc failure means ripping apart my MBP and replacing the drive. Luckily @superduper makes this easy! #
  • superduper made the harddrive crash on my macbook pro painless this morning http://bit.ly/3yrM9 #
  • 48 hrs after replacing my broken MBP drive with a Momentus XT it feels pretty snappy. Although the old drive dying makes me subjective #
  • If you use @sparrow make sure you read this http://bit.ly/koPXU8 Best Mail App Ever BTW #
  • What is it with this rain? Is it because I put the sprinklers out on Sunday? #
  • Night on my own.Pizza and Dr Who Marathon #
  • Propaganda – Duel – BBC6Music now. Cracking! #
  • Looking forward to doing nowt this weekend. That sun better come out. #
  • There are two rabbits in my garden. #
  • Good news from ASA http://bit.ly/l0EZEy on homeopathy websites. quote " ..insufficient robust scientific evidence..". #
  • Might have a foray to Waterbeach Feast today? What's that like? #
  • Ideas for the courtyard outside the house http://ff.im/-FuekE #
  • Anybody know if Mythtv will compile without the qt flag on Gentoo? (headless backend) #
  • great post on novel (well not so novel) ways of limiting disruptive users on Stack Overflow http://bit.ly/jmcUPD #
  • A new beta of the best OS X maintenance app is out http://bit.ly/ikSIrD Onyx is good. #
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