Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-Fzyww #
  • Finally found a bathroom cabinet to fit that awkward behind the door space #
  • About to watch Treme. After a recent trip there I hope it lives up to that cracking city. #
  • Well after just the initial episode I am hooked on Treme. Shows all the quality writing of The Wire, but seems easier to get into. #
  • Mississipi river bend versus boat http://ff.im/-FCkl1 #
  • Espresso and gingercake is almost illegal in stopping that post lunch drowsiness. #
  • Anybody recommend an entry level banner ad app for OS X? #
  • Still having problems with my Gigaset Repeater. This forum shows I am not alone http://bit.ly/l6lJB8 Close to ditching the entire lot. #
  • Nice one rain. You actually started just as I considered doing some watering stuff. #
  • Gigaset Support appears to be staffed by an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters #
  • DJ Shadow on 6music. Always improves my mood #
  • Anybody with a gigaset repeater out there? #
  • Today I will mostly be selling #shitidonotwant on ebay #
  • My shed has multiple inhabitants [pic] http://ff.im/-G3qhp #
  • My shed has multiple inhabitants http://ff.im/-G3qhr #
  • My shed has multiple inhabitants [pic] http://ff.im/-G3TBm #
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