Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-HFgwS #
  • Not just #Cambridge the Elm Tree is the best pub in the UK! http://bit.ly/owNWLO #
  • Just been for a run. So after 3 runs in the past 3 weeks I guess I could say I'm running again. Let's try for later in the week too. #
  • Gonna watch Newsnight again #
  • RT @epithet: Update: not bomb in Waitrose Trumpington but serious chemical scare. Police adv windows closed & not leave buildings #cambridge #
  • Come out to garden office. Now trapped by rain. Wuss! #
  • I'm after some portable quality speakers. Any recommendations? Anybody used these: Soundmatters FoxL ? #
  • Paddled to pub for birthday pint #
  • Thunder means we're gonna get rained on. Merseyside. #
  • Merde not Merseyside. Damm you auto correct #
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