Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-I2BLP #
  • Dead fish on The Cam http://ff.im/-I2BLM #
  • 2011 – 1 [pic] http://ff.im/-I2BLN #
  • Just edited the mysql table for Mythtv and got BBC HD back http://bit.ly/o5zL0t. Too late to record Luthor though. Bloody Wimbledon #
  • It appears that Orange UK is now offering a £3 for 50MB daily EU roaming tarif. That's pretty good. #
  • Anybody seeing piss poor Orange signal around #horningsea #
  • Your super soaraway Sun is now @lulzsec. I almost want to lower myself to type two L's with a '0' in the middle. #
  • Go go Tom! #
  • Got to be a custard pie! #
  • Anybody having Orange network issues around #cambridge #horningsea ? #
  • Orange tower is down near #horningsea #milton #clayhithe #waterbeach Supposedly back up tomorrow #
  • Piers morgan better buy a plane ticket #
  • OS X Lion is in the App Store! #
  • Argghh Lion. You've turned my scroll bar's upside down! #
  • Don't believe the child snatchers story. Sounds like a racist scare story. http://bit.ly/qhoJdy #
  • So Lion will be offered on a USB stick next month. That's a good idea. I was worried about the download only distribution. #
  • That's it. No more Shuttle. #
  • Hey @foscam you've just sent me an email asking my opinion with a fake reply to address and no "survey link". Might not be much feedback! #
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