Weekly tweets!

  • The working week starts with a hard drive crash. So a morning of SuperDuper'ing onto a new drive. #
  • Wow! RT @TechCrunch: Breaking: Google Buys Motorola For $12.5 Billion http://t.co/21wC0hw by @robinwauters #
  • Maroilles tart for lunch. http://t.co/BgQ9tCp yum! #
  • "I'm Excited" by DJ Shadow makes me excited. #
  • Recommendations for A3 printouts in #cambridge What would be cool is to print online and go pick up. #
  • I'm gonna coerce the neighbours to plant more wild flowers around here! #
  • Awake far too early. Still not woken up with multiple espresso, so spotifying The Meteors to wake myself up. #
  • Hey Tesco, You say your sandwich carton is recyclable, yet it's got a plastic film adhered to its entire inner surface? #
  • If you think homeopathy is "small folklore based herbalism" then think again… #
  • If you think homeopathy is "folklore" based herbalism then think again… http://t.co/nWyuJgA #
  • I think I'm almost caught up with RSS. Better not press refresh #
  • The support with my Gigaset repeater is lost. After 6 months I can only assume the product is just not fit for purpose. #
  • I have had these problems since purchasing it. Despite returning it to Siemens twice and getting new ones back. http://t.co/I8ClQ55 #
  • Having to return new Readynas pro 6 to scan.co.uk Fairly annoyed that they need to test it to prove it's faulty despite Netgear saying so #
  • One day I will know the diff b/w 'rsync -av /source/ /dest/' and 'rsync -av /source /dest/' Until then I am doomed to follow rsync by mv #
  • Annoyed about the readynas pro 6 I've received from @scancomputers that's faulty. I guess it's Netgear's faul… (cont) http://t.co/V8gtCGc #
  • Poor GPS performance on your DHD? This did work for me http://t.co/bHLxuLl risky though. #
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