trivial shennanigans

Weekly tweets!

  • Busy weekend with family visiting, village xmas tree decorating and lighting and puppy controlling. #
  • The report from the recent "river user" survey is up on the Cam Conservators' site #cambridge #
  • Something Cameron says that I agree with! Is there a flying pig in the room, or just in town. #
  • Just scoffed that last of the bean chilli from Saturday. Yum. #
  • Last day of post vaccination wait for the puppy. Tomorrow he get's to wreak havoc in the village. #
  • The new "" #horningsea website is now live #
  • Just made misen a cup of green tea. Used to drink shedloads everyday. I think this is the first cup for a few months. #
  • I should learn to stop using CMD-Q with Lion. It's annoying when I open that behemoth MS Word and it opens ten docs I had open when I quit. #
  • Yah! RT @nevali: interesting… Tweetdeck is no longer an Adobe AIR app. #
  • Using the new Tweetdeck from the App Store. So far I'm liking it. None of that Adobe Air crap. #
  • Spotify just emailed me about new music….. Michael Buble? #