Weekly tweets!

  • Just seen Martin Amis' forgotten 80's video games book in b3ta http://t.co/i64hddfS I have this book (bought new) and it is a fine book! #
  • A second evening of a really clear International space station (ISS) pass! #
  • Back from holiday and the dog has already done a Steve McQueen over the garden fence. Although he succeeded. #
  • ISS pass in 5 mins. Is it clear outside? #
  • What's with this stoned ambient Fun BoyThree cover on 6music at the moment? #
  • Superb tactic by camra. Planning application for a closed pub to make it less likely to be turned into flats. http://t.co/fLrLkfvW #
  • So mythtv has been forked as Torc http://t.co/7t925QQl Wonder why? #
  • Hey Noel what did you say to Michael Hutchence at the #britawards all those years ago? #
  • MS Office on the iPad? It does not even run OK on OS X. http://t.co/7iyZATNJ #
  • Cannot put up a dish because of planning regs? Use a satellite dish chair instead http://t.co/rmqHmW3s #
  • I have a farting dog in my office. #
  • Marie Colvin killed in Syria. http://t.co/KiZMsVbN There are brave journalists and she was certainly one of them #
  • #NowPlaying DJ Shadow – Redeemed on #Spotify http://t.co/DA8vuN1F #
  • If you follow somebody and immediately get an bot reponse to "Like them". I unfollow. #
  • I'm almost tempted to get the shorts out. #
  • These Twitter in jokes do wind me up a bit. #
  • Having problems "VERR_INVALID_PARAMETER" cloning WinXP VM under Virtualbox running on OS X. Any suggestions? #
  • So RIGHT CLICK > CLONE does not work in Virtualbox, but LEFT CLICK > SNAPSHOT > CLONE works fine. Yet it appears to be the same process! #
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