Weekly tweets!

  • A fine weekend of meeting up with friends and doing a shit load of gardening. Summer here we come. #
  • Tried and completely failed to register for the Virtualbox forums. Indecipherable error. Expected a working form from Oracle really. #
  • Bacon, sausage & black pudding in bread. Someday all sandwiches will be made this way! #
  • Damm. Missed out on a Raspberry Pi. Sold Out http://t.co/ZHzJraMz #
  • Just had nice dog walk with Zorro. Spoilt slightly by him pooing outside a neighbour's. Still he didn't chase rabbits even though he saw 2! #
  • any 'htop' alternative for OS X? Standard OS X top lacks somewhat. A OS X native htop will never be ported due to its reliance on /proc. #
  • In hanging a door last night I realised that I use my Dremel more than any other tool. How did Stone Age man cope without a rotary tool? #
  • Selling a drive on ebay and the winner wants to pay by direct bank transfer and not Paypal. Suspect? What risks are there? #
  • finished Excession by Iain M. Banks http://t.co/poUCi5nv #Kindle #
  • Just put the oven on pyrolytic cleaning cycle for the first time. The rain has driven me to this. #
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