Weekly tweets!

  • Anybody know how long a Smeg oven, after a pyrolytic cleaning cycle, takes to cool down? #
  • Funky. Lion's Preview can open and view Excel and Word docs. Only good thing I've noticed that it does. #
  • Sinead O'Connor's new album is sounding good so far. #
  • Need an easy way for a relative to upload photos to me. I thought a HTTP Readynas share could, but only allows 1 per time not en masse. #
  • Does the OS X 10.7.3 supplemental update fix that annoying "Your TM backup needs verifying" misleading error? #
  • /. meets Washington Post http://t.co/H4G9QnmG #
  • Stuffed full of Sausage, onion and mash. Sofa beckons. #
  • Some Adium Control extensions for #Alfredapp http://t.co/ejhRtN9H #
  • When's the iPad 4 out? #
  • Zorro has gone into his kennel and stayed there. My trick of annoying him when he is eating cheese has proved successful! #
  • Is the iPad HD widescreen Note out yet? #
  • Eight keys on a chain ring. Guess which one opened the padlock? Guess, go on, BLOODY GUESS! #
  • When is the iPad 98 out? #
  • Need a mutable headset (bluetooth or wired) for a Gigaset s67h handset. Any candidates? #
  • Taking the dog for Zorro training. #
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