Weekly tweets!

  • remarketing ad fail. Clicked through and item is discontinued with no stock. #
  • Doh. Just realised I've been using 'scp' to copy large (10GB) files between local filesystems. I wondered why it was being so slow! #
  • Nice dog walk this morning. Bit cold and misty but quite relaxing and not at all miserable after the sun yesterday. #
  • The dog went for his first swim in The Cam yesterday. The old front paws on one boat, back paws on canoe, boats move apart trick! #
  • To anybody who says you cannot wear a cross at work, Christianity under attack, PC gone mad. blah, blah, blah! http://t.co/atu4XxF7 #
  • Having my afternoon espresso a bit late. I do not expect an early night. #
  • My HTC DHD will get Ice Cream Sandwich! http://t.co/ZVNvrSOg Funky. #
  • What say we ban marriage for everybody? #
  • Spent most of yesterday removing old app crud from my MBP. Lion actually feels sprightly today. #
  • Crappy iCal in Lion appears not to let you change calendar colour anymore. I have multiple calendars some the same colour. Doh! #
  • BBC News – Cable theft captured on Suffolk garage CCTV system http://t.co/UJYDns9t #
  • Loud dance music with bass n beer. Glad my lovely neighbour is pretty deaf. #
  • Happy shite green beer day. #
  • Started demolishing the veranda. Order of the day is Dremel and v.large wrecking bar. #
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