Weekly tweets!

  • Need to enable passwordless sudo for a single user for a single executable(not a group and not ALL). Any clues as to do this in sudoers ? #
  • backups on my Readynas Pro failed yesterday. Turns out Netgear's NTP servers broke. http://t.co/ecf0atgX I wondered why I was back in 1992? #
  • My IM client keeps saying "I am Idle". A bit too judgemental for my liking #
  • Just had Waitrose s/wich. Truly the nicest sandwich I've eaten since a lomo & queso s/wich at a scruffy petrol station outside Valencia. #
  • The supposed new G+ layout just looks the same as Twitter…. Oh wait, this is Twitter. #
  • this morning's walk was spent separating Zorro from a long dead rabbit carcass. There's hung meat and gamy meat. This was beyond either. #
  • Go away April. #
  • Come on Jason! #
  • ISS crossing the Cambridge skies at 20:35 #
  • New Macbook Pro? http://t.co/LBLKjh5q #
  • Flashback removal tool http://t.co/leIVEhUE #
  • I just bought: 'The Geek Manifesto' by Mark Henderson via @KindleUK http://t.co/rpTbjY58 #
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