Weekly tweets!

  • People who do not vaccinate their children are misguided: http://t.co/o6hhyFva A Whooping Cough epidemic in the US. #
  • I love this sentence "Books should not be celebrated. Words, ideas, and concepts should be celebrated." http://t.co/Pi997OQT #
  • https://t.co/6bVAGZjt My new Wormcity wormery, complete with squiggly things, arrived this morning. #
  • Every time I add an RSS feed I remove two. Keep that firehose under control. #
  • Issue With Evernote Newsletter Email Addresses http://t.co/0ROcjkBI via @evernote Openness always wins brownie points. #
  • Is Gmail experiencing issues? #
  • Latest Gmail outage makes me put "IMAP Backup" at top of todo list again! #
  • Anybody know where I can get a "Cargo Net" for a Citreon berlingo to stop a dog climbing over the seats in #cambridge ? #
  • Good post on why 2-factor authentication is a must http://t.co/DWtZ71iM #
  • For a moment there I thought HBO's "Girls" was a TV version of The Luna Brother's "Girls" http://t.co/bqiaC04s No such luck. #
  • Easy guide for when that pub bore tells you Global Warming is a myth http://t.co/efhYy6y0 #
  • Just been dismantling a balcony, FROM ABOVE. Does this qualify me for a Darwin Award? #
  • When you've used Roundup when can you pull the weeds? #
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