Weekly tweets!

  • Brilliant article about sharpening kitchen knives. http://t.co/GIX2kV0c Must read. #
  • After reading that knive sharpening article I want one of these http://t.co/gRsrBvw5 Beats messing around with my Japanese waterstone #
  • Hey BBC News, the French flag bunting is a bit superflous if the Eiffel Tower is in the background. You are not in Blackpool. #
  • Quandary. Office is too hot even with window open. Floor is clean. Could open the door but dog is outside and muddy! #
  • Marsedit update http://t.co/Wa9AtN1E The app that would cause me to run out instantly and buy an ipad if an ipad version was released. #
  • last night of the ISS passes and it's cloudier than a pint from the bottom of the barrel. #
  • I truly hate Lion reopening apps on restart. Twice in the day i've had to wait 30 MINS following a crash for Lion to reopen everything. #
  • I'm sure the coalition are feverishly looking for cannon fodder called H something or other and with a first name starting with J. #
  • Send documents direct to your Kindle without email. Nice app and on Mac too http://t.co/dWPdOqLL #
  • Not even "More Chateau Lafitte?" RT @Peston: Murdoch: "In ten years I never asked Mr Blair for anything" #
  • Come help lend a hand with repairing the Village Playground this Saturday #horningsea http://t.co/3A3zRcO6 #
  • Power seems to have gone very low in #horningsea #
  • E.ON say high power lines are having problems tonight in #horningsea Get your candles out #
  • Eeek. Flood alert for the Cam http://t.co/YgCyzrgq #
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