Weekly tweets!

  • Gutted. Raining again (although have some grass seed down so not too bad) and my Kindle has frozen. #
  • Twitter just sent me a "What's happening on Twitter" email. It's vaguely similar to what Prismatic are doing. Is this a direct response? #
  • trying to scp a 100MB file across my LAN. OSX > Linux. It always stalls after a few MB. No idea where to start figgering this out. #
  • Zorro no longer wants to sleep in my office. Sunshine! http://t.co/9sRnPwvg #
  • Can you buy a Kindle as a present preregistered to that person's Amazon account? #
  • "I feel love" #
  • Oh you are taking the piss. Not more rain? #
  • Need to legally purchase an key to activate a WinXP VM (given the legally activated copy to somebody). Any online places I can do this? #
  • The ultimate Mythtv frontend? http://t.co/wXtH1fOS An android USB stick sized unit. Mythfrontend already runs(ish) on Android… #
  • So https://t.co/g763xQ4G FAB, asking me to register before showing me your products does not make me curious, it makes me close your website #
  • Chuft, my back finally seems to have decided not to keep on hurting me. Weeding and gardening awaits. #
  • Pissing about with Mythmusic because of its lack of logging. Went back to command line abcde and flac/mp3 ripping at the same time. #
  • I think my phrase of the week is going to be "Stop being a knobber!". So useful and apt in 99% of social interactions. #
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