Weekly tweets!

  • Off to the beer festival very shortly. Beer at a festival! #
  • If you have not yet registered for "faster broadband" do so. We might get 21st century connectivity http://t.co/x6K7ovNw #horningsea #
  • After procrastinating for like 20 years I joined CAMRA at the beer festival last night. Bargain as 15 months so two free Beer Festivals. #
  • A new version of coda is out soon. http://t.co/6SSzsKik Best HTML "tool" bar none. #
  • Very motivating commencement speech from the best living writer http://t.co/NY3mRsrr #
  • A spitfire just flew over! That's the second one I've seen in 2 weeks. I drove past Duxford last week and saw one. #
  • Been messing about all morning so far with my net connection only to find a switch with a dodgy psu. Let's start today again! #
  • Ok Ok, I get it's sunny everywhere else. It's not in bloody Cambridge. #
  • So much for sport bringing people together http://t.co/ALXqaB26 #
  • Phew, What a Scorcher!!! #
  • IMG_20120523_122832.jpg [pic] http://t.co/jezcRbKx #
  • If I was 4 years old when the Spaghetti Junction was built that makes me about 25, right? #
  • Coda 2 is out today. No upgrade price but $50 today only from the App Store. https://t.co/vjLb9Cwx #
  • Noooo. CAMRA membership so skipping beerfest queue only to queue for glass #
  • Gutted. Lost my hat at beer festival. #cambeerfest #
  • Zorro swimming lesson http://t.co/NZeMIXqV #
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