Weekly tweets!

  • Crew. http://t.co/V9n9NEPq #
  • Back from a few days narrowboating around Wicken Fen and The Cam. Cracking although never been so wet fully clothed before. #
  • So no Venus Transit for us. Better start living healthy if we want to see the next. #
  • w00t! Instapaper for Android is out. https://t.co/oZ53nVBj If you have too many websites too read this service is a must. #
  • My eyes are sore and dry today. Blepharitis may not be one of the 21st century's pressing health issues, but it annoys the hell out of me. #
  • Poo. Ray Bradbury dies http://t.co/epKkXHMO #
  • Linkedin have been very slow to publicise this password leak. Early and open notification is a must for user security. #
  • With CVS (Yes, CVS, live with it) if I replace a local file with one of the same name do I need to remove/add before a commit? #
  • Whooping Cough comes to a Cambridge school. http://t.co/iK2ldbBV Why do people not vaccinate? These diseases should be a thing of the past. #
  • ..and now last.fm have compromised passwords http://t.co/cAnKAe8Q #
  • Anybody know where I can buy a throw line (to replace a Green Slime one) in Cambridge? #
  • A @mannamexico quesadilla is brightening up a dull day #
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