Weekly tweets!

  • First Firepit of the year http://t.co/y0ebByPC #
  • The Flying Pig is again at risk http://t.co/Q6zVlXrC #
  • Stop testing the bloody jet engines above my head! #cambridge #
  • A magpie just dive bombed and attacked a crow in the garden. Nasty thing. #
  • at £2300 the top new Macbook Pro is a bit pricy! Very sweet laptop though! Pleased to see it on sale immediately in the UK store. #
  • Just got my New iPad. First non Android mobile device for a while. #
  • New ipad is nice but unimpressed by lack of Evernote, Lastpass and Xmarks integration into Safari. Should I have stuck with Android? #
  • On the ipad front need recommendations for a multi protocol IM client. I use Adium on OSX. Ta very much like! #
  • Installed tweetdeck on ipad. Looks old school ios #
  • Just visited Apple Store in San Francisco. Now have tattoo sleeves, plaid shirt and a fixie. #
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