Weekly tweets!

  • Weird growth on my young hedge http://t.co/JTsK1k7k #
  • There's a pint of Stella outside my window http://t.co/8HCRj7hb #
  • Latest by @GeorgeMonbiot is so true. The planet is fucked & anybody in power will b dead before. Why should they care? http://t.co/AYGAuHez #
  • Trying, and failing to print a merged set of notes into a single PDF from @evernote on the Mac. #
  • Want VNC client suggestions of iPad. Is "Screens" any good? #
  • If Homeopaths produce health products why are they dismayed at being included in the same law as real medicines? http://t.co/agOBZL5v #
  • People are complaining it's too hot. It's bloody great! Better than the rain plus I have lots of 12v computer fans pointed at my head. #
  • First time this year just grabbed an ice cream from the freezer without any trace of guilt #
  • cool. Gdrive on iOS supports two factor authentication #
  • Will there be a lastpass plugin for iOS's Chrome? Go on,, you know you want to! #
  • The vast quantity of Old Hooky consumed last night is not helping with the todo list. #
  • why doesn't the iOS official Twitter client allow you to report spammers? #
  • The Crystal Method – Starting Over http://t.co/WmehQ0C3 #
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