Weekly tweets!

  • Just posted a photo http://t.co/1ZWUbXHO #
  • These will be steps http://t.co/qcLBaxsb #
  • Still after a Standing desk recommendations. About 2 metres long, manual lift. #
  • I woke this morning to hear Bob Dylan had died. Turns out in my sleep defuddled state it was Bob Diamond who'd left Barclays. #
  • How annoying. iOS Mail will not save drafts back to the Gmail Exchange account. #
  • finished The Penal Colony by Richard Herley http://t.co/WVeUrOxM #Kindle #
  • To followers/people in my timeline: the first to ask about the 'real world' benefits or complains about money spent on the LHC is a tosser. #
  • Sometimes scientists are accused of poor public communication. The LHC press conference is an example of how science PR should be done. #
  • After being so used to the flexibility of Android, iOS is proving painful. Not having access to things that make life easier like Lastpass. #
  • Remeber it's that all important pub meeting tonight #horningsea #
  • BBC News say chemical spillage closes M6 Toll but Sky News say counter terror operation. #
  • Back from a superb day bass fishing in the channel. Freezer full of fish! #
  • Fished for, gutted, descaled, cooked and scoffed. My first sea bass. Yum. #
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