Weekly tweets!

  • Off to local now for my birthday. Beer may be involved. #
  • If you want to laugh at how social media can bite companies check out #arcticready Pretty funny. #
  • This stunt by Greenpeace makes me glad I cancelled my membership #
  • Flipboard on the ipad is very good. What a relaxing way to catch up. #
  • Me too RT @markthomasinfo: Will donate to any attempt by Tomlinson family to bring civil case. #
  • Horningsea Olympics is still on despite the rain (should be sunny on Sunday!) http://t.co/scHcTHlc #
  • Need a replacement grill/rack for a BBQ – to fit between two rails 50cm apart (so 49cm is good), length similar. Anywhere in Cambridge? #
  • Disappointed that Google bought Sparrow. I should be pleased but cannot help thinking it's a bad thing for the desktop client. #
  • Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust http://t.co/mjs83AY8 #
  • Grooverider – Fly With Me http://t.co/hFLBPTqE #
  • James Dean Bradfield – Still A Long Way To Go http://t.co/LlWSbmkJ #
  • Chicane Feat. Tom Jones – Stoned In Love http://t.co/xkF2tQZI #
  • Chicane vs. Natasha Bedingfield – Bruised Water (Original Mix) http://t.co/avuoIV5W #
  • The Creatures – So Unreal http://t.co/pwB4CTmT #
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