Weekly tweets!

  • So Zorro (the dog) had his first trip to France. Went well although he appears to really like Pastis now. Aniseed flavoured bones? #
  • Running Software Update on Mountain Lion launches the App Store. Is this right? Are system updates all thru the App Store? #
  • Seems updates are installed in the background by default without User Input. Big change. Not sure want a reboot for updated printer drivers. #
  • BLOGGED: Upgrade or purchase a new license in August 2012 and receive a 10% discount. http://t.co/6oE2h7gl #
  • Bloody crossposting shenanigans!! #
  • Extension building: footings. http://t.co/oA0knobl #
  • Exciting… Green oak frame for the extension will be complete next week! #
  • Google Drive seems to stop running after a while on Mountain Lion. Any known issues? #
  • Finished The Long Earth by Baxter Stephen Pratchett Terry http://t.co/G7lXSSMl #Kindle #
  • Hear Hear! "An Open Letter to Tim Cook Regarding Apple ID Security" http://t.co/Rb4RiEgl #
  • Watched S01E01 of Breaking Bad last night. WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME HOW GOOD IT WAS? #
  • Just found out that a Thunderbolt port hides a DisplayPort inside. Now have 3 screen scruminess #
  • #Horningsea Greenstage Festival this weekend http://t.co/uwqWm3nS #
  • Help @2000AD get to 10,000 followers! I want to win a YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTION TO THE GALAXY'S GREATEST COMIC! #
  • more mosquito bites on my leg. Now swollen. Should I wear body armour in summer? #
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