Weekly tweets!

  • Just posted a photo http://t.co/Jj0DPNHW #
  • A morning's framing http://t.co/N7nKZlCn #
  • Second day of framing http://t.co/3wdTPFkt #
  • Finally Coda 2.0.2 hits the Apple Store. #
  • Been told by my ISP that 0.2ms is a poor ping for a LAN. Is that right? Seems good to me. #
  • Building: Oak frame http://t.co/5Z2aajeb #
  • Tips on getting rid of wooly aphids on apple trees please. #
  • That was quite dramatic. Garden briefly flooded up to the tops of my Welles.river high as well. #
  • Round two of floods. Think camping trip is now cancelled. Back building barriers for rainwater. #
  • If you asked me this morning that I'd be digging a trench to drain rainwater….. #
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