master reset/format of p910i

Because I always bloody forget, here’s how you access the service menu of a p910i phone:

jog dial up * jog dial down jog dial down * jog dial down *

Then access the Service menu and answer Yes to do you want for format your internal disc.

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20 Responses to master reset/format of p910i

  1. Shameer Mamode Ally says:

    Dude, just like to add that you have to leave the sim inside, start the phone normally, then apply the trick.. it works fine.. Thanks

  2. Ferg says:


    Got myself a M600i now. Will have to see if this works with this one too!

  3. Lmon says:

    Did not work for me. May be this method is for P900. Jog dial up or down brings in the short-cut menu.

  4. Ferg says:

    Hi, I had a p910 and it did work for me. I’ve got an m600i so I cannot check, but you might have got that assigned to bring up the shortcut menu.

    It does still work on my M600i BTW. You will not see anything until you press the last “*”

  5. saran says:

    me not able to get the service menu for p910i. can anybody tell me exactlit how to do it.
    please help its required urgent

    plz help…!

  6. Ferg says:

    Hi Saran,

    turn off the phone, then turn it back on again.
    Move the scroll wheel on the left hand side up one click.
    Press the “*”
    Move the scroll wheel down two clicks
    Press the “*”

    Move the scroll wheel down one click
    Press the “*” one final time. The Service menu should appear.

    Good luck.

  7. Jan says:

    didn’t work for me 🙁 it just brings up the menu 🙁

  8. ej says:

    didn’t work for me, i try it when i open my phone, but the phone displays insert sim card, what will i do?

  9. Ferg says:

    You’ll need to have your SIM card in the phone before doing this.

    Make sure you follow the exact sequence of events too. Nothing will appear until the last one. Good Luck!

  10. rodney says:

    worked 10000% for me…thank u all for good solution!!!!!!!!

  11. Ferg says:

    I’m glad that worked for you!

  12. Jay says:

    thanks alot

  13. Jan says:

    what do u mean by jog dial up and jog dial down..
    do u have any videos??

    OMG im a noobb.!!! grrrrr i cant understand

  14. Ferg says:

    hi. the jog dial is the wheel on the left. Move it up one click, and then move is down one click. That will do it!

  15. kelhou says:

    Sir, I cant able to switch my sony Ericsson P910i. Whenever I switch it on it use to blink only an i cant operate it. In this matter can you pliz help me out. Would be grateful to you.

  16. Ferg says:

    I would suggest removing the battery, removing the SIM card. Turning it on, then putting the sim card back in, and turning on again. Otherwise try out a hard reset, although you will lose everything.

  17. maido says:

    it really worked..thanks

  18. Dersen says:

    Hi i have a huge problem,my screen works but wen i touch it,it does not touch d appropiate point.can any1 help my front buttnz dont they a way 2 perform a hard reset using d flip open?

  19. satrio says:

    dude thx for the help, but after master reset why my phone can’t input code “0000”

  20. keith says:

    guys after i format my phone when i go to control panel and go to lock and change my code? the default was 0000 but it wont work!!!

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