Excellent. The article is a bit old, but tickled me.

Nonetheless, I’m a Gnome user, and I love it!

I’ve played many times with other WM/DE combos, and always come back to using Gnome. KDE just seems too clean. Also since all my apps are GTK ones, then it seems more logical to run Gnome!

Mind you, when E17Enlightenment, finalyl comes out, i may give it a play. It looks pretty cool now.


Well I finally got MythTV working.

It’s pretty cool. A proper hard disc recorder on your computer. It’s really meant to be used as a standalone unit, but mine has just been setup on my workstation, since I have a dammed cool 2405fpw Dell24″ monitor ๐Ÿ™‚

The Gentoo Wiki page was very useful in getting this set up. Especialyl the bit in getting ALSA and especially an ALSA mixer device to work.

easy peasy DVD copying

Easy peasy way to copy a DVD, not bothering about whether menus will copy and whether you need to worry about libdvdcss etc…

Simply use dd and growisofs

dd if=/dev/dvd of=DVD.iso

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=./foo.img


M-Audio 1010lt

Well I finally went for the 1010lt. It looks a funky looking card. With tons of spaghetti coming out the back!

I plugged it in, compiled some new modules (ice1712), and ran alsaconf. Worked first time and I got Rythmnbox outputting direct via SPDI/digital coaxial to my amp. Cool. A little bit of extra work resulted in jack working fine with Mixx and Hydrogen. Funky stuff man!

However, I then tried envy24control. I had to first swithc to using gcc3.4.4 as alsatools willnot compile with gcc4.0.1. However, once compiled I ran it. Eeek! It’s a little bit more complicated than I imagined! There’s more channels in there than on your superduper sports/movies and porn package from Sky! However, I’m buggered if I can get it to output via s/pdif. What is worse is than now nothign works. I can output to a pair of analogue RCA jacks. But that is all.

Anyway i will persevere later!

Being a PC audiophile

I’m looking for a decent sound card.

I’ve got an Audigy 1. This is OK, and works fine for MP3, and DVD viewing. However, I;’ve been recently playing with Mixx and other DJ mixing software (all on Linux of course). In this respect the Audigy is a bit crap. I’m using JACK to link it all together. So far using Jack and ALSA is dead easy to setup on Gentoo.

My current speaker setup is a Logitech z640 5.1 system, with the front two speakers replaced by a pair of Monitor Audio Radius 45 speakers. I’m very impressed with the R45’s and I think these will have to be moved towards the rear, and atriplet of Radius 180s will become the front and center!

Eeek this better quality audio stuff is Expensive!

I was trying to decide between the M-Audio Delta 1010lt or the M-Audio Audiophile 2496. The 1010lt looks very cool, and has lots of praises about it’sLinux ALSA compatibility. But for what I need the 2496 would probabyl suffice, and at less than half the price…..

I eventaully ordered the 1010lt from a German company, as it was the cheapest in Europe.


However, after ordering I found out that there is a shop in Cambridge that actually sells them. To be honest I would have gone locally, even with the extra expense, as I always think it’s best to get local good advice. But I’d already ordered from MusikHaus, so it would be unfair to cancel. MusikHaus rang me as well, and seem a decent company.

M-Audio Audiophile 2496 – Digital Village