manually running mythfilldatabase needs new options for Mythtv 0.25

I download my French TV listings from a great website called Kazer.

I download these using wget then insert the listings manually using mythfilldatabase run using cron ever few days.

With Mythtv 0.25 this has changed and there are new options for Mythfilldatabase:

$ mythfilldatabase --file --sourceid  --xmlfile belgium.xml

Previously it was:

$ mythfilldatabase --file  belgium.xml

I strongly recommend Kazer if you need French listings. It’s free although every other year I donate 20 Euros or so.


New mythtv frontend setup

I’ve just setup a new Mythtv box. Although the previous system was relatively quiet, it was in a big box, and I want minimalism now rather then obvious geekery in the living room.

So I’ve got myself an Acer Revo r6310, found at a cracking price on the superb UK Hot Deals. This is a Nvidia ION dual core Intel Atom powered beasty. The old Mythtv box is now up in the loft.

I was going to try out one of the Mythbuntu releases. But it took ages to download, so I ended up putting a Gentoo minimal installer on a bootable USB stick and went from there. After setting up distcc on my main Linux box (also 64bit) the compilation took about 36 hours.

Using VDPAU with the binary Nvidia drivers. playback is awesome. So far the largest 1080p sample I have (The trailer for Alexander) plays perfectly. Although I seem to be unable to get WMV audio to play.

Video output is via the HDMI > DVI and audio is purely via SPDIF to the amplifier.

Very pleased so far.

Computergeekery Films

Mythmovies in the UK

Mythmovies is a cool plugin to show film times in cinemas around you (geographically speaking that is!). However, up to now it’s been US only. However, this script found on the Ubuntu forums works perfectly in the UK.

Works great. Now for trailers …..!

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Running Jive on Mythtv

Just got Squeezeplay (the new replacement for SoftSqueeze) working from
Mythtv! .. and it was dead easy.

– Check out the source code from Subversion:

svn co

– compiled it (if you are doing this on a 64bit box you need to specify just the app)

% cd src
% make -f Makefile.linux  app

– copy it all into /opt (there’s a tarball in ../build)

– Edit the Mythtv Media Library by adding an entry to the Library.xml file


Here’s the entry

	< button>
       	< type>SqueezeBox
       	< text> launch Jive
       	< action>EXEC /opt/squeezeplay/bin/
       < /button>

(Spaces added as I cannot work out the HTML to now parse those metatags, Doh!)

It works great on my Myth box (also running Squeezecentre) and syncs with my Squeezebox AND the other linux box running Squeezeplay.


Mysql binary logs

How to clean old binary logs

Here’s a little quick tip on cleaning your MythTV box of space cluttering binary logs. These are generated for every transaction that Mysql does. So if you have any corruption you can redo the tables. However, if you have a lot of listings data being imported into the table, then these can be pretty large.

mysql -u root --password mythconverg
Enter password:
Reading table information for completion of table and column names
You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A

Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 53 to server version: 4.1.21-log

Type ‘help;’ or ‘\h’ for help. Type ‘\c’ to clear the buffer.

mysql> show master logs;
| Log_name | File_size |
| mythtv-bin.000001 | 79 |
| mythtv-bin.000002 | 79 |
| mythtv-bin.000003 | 79 |
| mythtv-bin.000004 | 50504 |
| mythtv-bin.000005 | 2767417 |
| mythtv-bin.000006 | 42523 |
| mythtv-bin.000007 | 79 |
| mythtv-bin.000008 | 7099399 |
| mythtv-bin.000009 | 60102 |
| mythtv-bin.000010 | 23028247 |
| mythtv-bin.000011 | 13157557 |
| mythtv-bin.000012 | 3300816 |

mysql> purge master logs to ‘mythtv-bin.010’;

Screencasts of Installing MythTV Via MythDora 4.0

Slashdot | Screencasts of Installing MythTV Via MythDora 4.0

Seen on /. a new @boot and install from a single CD” MythTV distro. This time based on a more mainstream RedHat/FC one.

I’ve been using a MythTV box as my ONLY TV for about a year now. With 2 Freeview (UK DVB-T) tuners and a single tuner connected to a dish with multiple LNB’s pointing at Hotbird and Astra. I can wholeheartedly recommend it. A fine piece of software


User Manual:Periodic Maintenance – MythTV

User Manual:Periodic Maintenance – MythTV

There are two things I really need to do.  Do regular backups of my MythTV box, and start doing regular maintenance of the database. I have a script that will back up, compress and then use key atheticated SSH to store the backup on my main server.  However, I never run it!  I also spend time very infrequently repairing the MySQL database.  I must set up some cron jobs to do both of these!!!

Computergeekery trivial shennanigans

4 Satellites from a single SMALL dish

Sat Europa – Product Overview

Wow I really would like one of these! I’ve currently got a single 60Cm dish with a monoblock LNB pointing at Hotbird 13 dg and Astra 19.2 deg. This baby is smaller and able to point to 2 other birds as well! Just how much Italian porn/game shows can you watch!!!

trivial shennanigans

DVI-d vs DVI-D, or LG 32″ TV vs Radeon 9250 card

“My Mythtv box is currently outputting to a LG RZ-32LZ55 32” LCD TV using a Radeon 9250 card. Currently I’#m using a DVI-I cable from the DVI of the radeon to the DVI of the TV.

Now I have a much longer DVi cable that I want to use. However, the cable is DVI-D. When I plug in this cable I get a picture OK, until XORG starts, then it goes black.

DVI-D is supposedly digital only, and I found that apparently the TV will only accept a DVI analogue signal. Which to be honest I do not understand as it’s supposedly HD (1080i) and used HDCP in the DVI input (the newest version of this TV is HDMI instead).

I also don’t understand this as I can get a console picture fine. It’s only when XORG loads that the picture goes.

So my question is, am I just lacking sufficient knowledge of DVI signals, in expecting this longer cable to work, or is there any options to XORG which would help?

I don’t really want to spend 30/40 UK pounds on a new 5M DVI-I cable.”

(note this was initially posted on the Gentoo Forums)

trivial shennanigans

Moving Mysql binary logs

In connection with the disc space problem of the binary logs, I found it was dead easy to put them on a different partition.

In /etc/mysql/my.cnf there is a line


just change this to

log-bin = /newdirectory

Then just restart mysql.

You might want to purge the old logs first, by connecting to your database and running:

purge master logs to '.000001';

Just how simple is that!